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Note: this competition isn't the same as the Spring ting.

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The Spring Thing, also known as the Autumnal Jumble (or Fall Fooferall, prior to 2022), is an annual competition that was originally conceived and organized by Adam Cadre. The Spring Thing is designed to operate at the opposite time of year from the annual IF Comp in October, and places a emphasis on both longer and higher quality entries than the IF Comp. To help encourage well-tested entries, the rules once provided a mechanism to disqualify buggy games; however, this was removed in the hopes that the entry fee alone would be enough to discourage low-quality games.

The organizer of the Spring Thing from 2005 to 2013 was Greg Boettcher; the current organizer is Aaron A. Reed.

The Spring Things

Organized by Adam Cadre:

Organized by Greg Boettcher:

Organized by Aaron A. Reed: