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Crazy quilt
Crazy quilt
Author(s) Graham Nelson
Publisher(s) n/a
Release date(s) 1993
Authoring system Inform
Platform(s) Z-code 5
Language(s) English
License(s) Freeware
Color effects none
Graphics none
Sound/Music none
Cruelty scale Cruel

How It Begins

While your family downstairs is preparing for a holiday trip to Paris, you are in your attic searching for that old tourist map that ought to be here somewhere. Let's face it - exploring your ancestral home sounds like a lot more fun than going to France.

Notable Features


Release 7

  • Release 7 / Serial number 930428 (Compiled by Inform v549)
  • IFID: ZCODE-7-930428-0000
    IFID links: IFDB
  • First public release. ("Release 7 is the earliest version to be posted to the interactive-fiction archive.")
  • Announced May 9, 1993, alongside original release of Inform.
  • Download curses-r7.z3 from the IF Archive.

Release 8

  • Release 8 / Serial number 930603 (Compiled by Inform v634)
  • IFID: ZCODE-8-930603-0000
    IFID links: IFDB
  • Released alongside Inform 2.
  • "Release 8 is the second edition posted to the interactive-fiction archive. (Thirty-nine minor improvements have been made on release 7.)"
  • "much enhanced, slightly larger"
  • Download curses-r8.z3 from the IF Archive.

Release 9

  • Release 9 / Serial number 931111 (Compiled by Inform v784)
  • IFID: ZCODE-9-931111-914E
    IFID links: IFDB
  • Released alongside Inform 3.
  • "Release 9 is the third public release of "Curses". [...] sixty-one more [minor improvements], together with several new areas, puzzles and alternate solutions, have been added"
  • "extended by about 20%"
  • Download curses-r9.z3 from the IF Archive.

Release 10

  • Release 10 / Serial number 940120 (Compiled by Inform v1171)
  • IFID: ZCODE-10-940120-BD9E
    IFID links: IFDB
  • Released alongside Inform 4.
  • "Release 10 is the fourth public release of "Curses". [...] forty-four loose ends have been tied"
  • Download curses-r10.z3 from the IF Archive.

Release 12

  • Release 12 for Acorn User / Serial number 940604
    Compiled by Inform v1258
  • IFID: ZCODE-12-940604-6035
    IFID links: IFDB
  • Released alongside Inform 5.
  • "Release 12 is the fifth public release of "Curses", and the first "Advanced story file" [z5] version."
  • "Release 12 is a major extension, adding many new regions, puzzles and features to tax beginners and experts alike."
  • "This edition comes to you from the August 1994 edition of Acorn User magazine."
  • Download curses-r12.z5 from the IF Archive.

Release 14

  • Release 14 / Serial number 950522 / Inform v1501 Library 5/10
    Library serial number 950505
  • IFID: ZCODE-14-950522-9E5C
    IFID links: IFDB
  • "Release 14 is the sixth public release of "Curses"."
  • "For this release the entire source code has been "digitally remastered", so to speak: rewritten and tidied up into Inform 5 code which properly uses the Library. There are a few hundred minor improvements, but no new puzzles (though some of the old puzzles have new, alternative solutions)."
  • Download curses-r14.z5 from the IF Archive.

Release 16

  • Release 16 / Serial number 951024 / Inform v1600 Library 5/12
    Library serial number 951024
  • IFID: ZCODE-16-951024-4DE6
    IFID links: IFDB
  • The last release. "Release 16 is the eighth public release of "Curses"."
  • "Release 16 fixes a few minor bugs and one major one (which made the gothic key invisible). Nothing within it is new."
  • Download curses.z5 from the IF Archive.
  • Release notes: Download curses_rel16.txt from the IF Archive.


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