50 Years of Text Games

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50 Years of Text Games is a collection of essays by Aaron A. Reed, originally published for free on Substack approximately once a week throughout 2021, and subsequently revised, expanded, and collected into a Kickstarter-funded physical book and ebook, published in 2023.


Main series and book

The main series of fifty articles was the core of the book 50 Years of Text Games: From Oregon Trail to AI Dungeon:

Featured works:

Material from the following online posts is also included in the book's introduction (some of which can be read in this sample):

Further Explorations

Further Explorations: A Companion to 50 Years of Text Games is supplement of bonus material, originally exclusively for backers.

(There are plans to make it generally available in 2024.)

As well as general chapters on wordplay, one-room games, visual novels, and hacking sims, and a timeline of text game history, it covers these works:

Ultimate Collector's Edition feelies

Kickstarter backers at the Ultimate Collector's Edition level received a box of feelies including paper tape, a replica Adventureland cassette, a 3.5" floppy disc, and a custom-produced hint book.

  • As well as most of the book's text, the floppy disc contains a short Z-code work: You Are Standing - at IFDB.

Online-only articles