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Elm Story
Authoring system
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Developers ritsuke, Leonardo Codamo
Format Not applicable
Interaction style Parser-choice hybrid
Systems Windows, macOS, Linux
System details
Latest version 0.7.0 / 18 Apr 2022
Status Unavailable
Uses interpreter
Multimedia support Currently supports images, sound and text formatting. Expanded customization is planned for v0.8; Summer 2022.
License https://elmstory.com/license/
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Elm Story is a free, no-code design tool for composing and publishing immersive storyworlds.

The tool respects designer privacy by supporting offline installation and zero network communication.

Designers can import and export worlds as transportable, human-readable JSON for re-import and 3rd party parsing. For self-publication, Elm Story supports compilation to upgradable and offline-ready, progressive web applications (PWAs).

With 11 major releases to date, Elm Story is currently in early access (v0.5+) and is actively supported.

The initial version was published to Itch on April 29th, 2021. v0.7 was released on April 18th, 2022 and features text formatting and multimedia support for imported images and audio.

Development was cancelled in April 2023.

The Virtual Storyteller (ESRE)

Elm Story features an intelligent drama manager or DM.

During composition, design changes are immediately reflected (hot reloaded) by the Storyteller, in audience preview, without reset. Hot reload and Storyteller "devtools" enable rapid testing and iteration for improved publication results.

When self-published, the Storyteller is embedded with the PWA for interpreting storyworld state and temporal data for generating the audience experience.

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