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Developer Eric Forgeot
Interaction style
System Linux
System details
Latest version April 2009
Status Unavailable
Uses interpreter

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Esclinux is a Linux live-CD, made for carrying interpreters, compilers and libraries for a few IF authoring systems. It boots from the cdrom drive or from an usb key, and doesn't need any other operative system on the hard drive (e.g. microsoft windows) to work. It focuses mostly on Inform, but TADS and Hugo tools are included too. The maintainer of Esclinux is Eric Forgeot. The latest version, out on April 2009, includes the Gnome desktop environment.

Programs Included

  • wide : Inform / Glulx integrated development environment
  • frotz : zmachine interpreter, console mode
  • frobtads : tads interpreter, console mode
  • qtads : tads interpreter, graphic mode
  • hugo : hugo interpreter, console mode
  • inform : inform / glulx compiler
  • gnome-inform7 : inform / glulx compiler
  • gargoyle : multi-language interpreter, graphic mode
  • zag : glulx interpreter in java
  • geany and xjed : text editors
  • nautilus : files explorer
  • gnome-terminal : terminal emulator
  • evince : pdf viewer (for some manuals)
  • epiphany : html browser

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