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Authoring system
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Developers Sean Beebe, Rylan Schubkegel, Jonathan Hays, Manton Reece, Ryan DeVore
Format Other
Interaction style Choice
Systems Browser, iOS, Android
System details
Latest version 1.1 / 14 Aug 2023
Status Stable
Uses interpreter
Multimedia support graphics, sound
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Evergreen.ink was borne out of the previous IF works by Silverpine Software, namely ZDay Survival Simulator and ZDay Survivor which were created in conjunction with Mongadillo.

Originally, Evergreen.ink was solely a product of Silverpine, however, it has since been spun out into a separate game division called Big River Games which exists to productize intellectual property owned by Silverpine.

As of August, 23rd, 2023, Evergreen.ink is in an invite-only mode.

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