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Authoring system
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Developers Axile Studio, Alex McGivern, Holly Boson
Format Not applicable
Interaction style Choice
Systems Windows, Linux
System details
Latest version 1.2.1 / 31 Aug 2023
Status Stable
Uses interpreter
Multimedia support Displays images in a dedicated pane, as well as background images, and supports image effects such as alpha blending. Sound is supported.
License Free for commercial use; the engine may be freely modified for non-commercial use, and for commercial use with permission.
Notes Based on Lua, allows the use of Lua code whenever needed.
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Folia is intended to allow developers to create virtual storybooks with branching choices. Folia displays content with an image on the left, and a scrolling text log on the right. Commands can be used to clear and change text and art, or to add music and sounds.

While the engine can be used by a novice programmer to make interactive games, it is based on Lua and can therefore be expanded if necessary.

Games built with the engine can be run as desktop applications on Windows and Linux. It does not support HTML or browser export.

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