Founder's Mercy

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Science Fiction
Outer space
Outer space
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Spring Thing 2019
Founder's Mercy
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Author(s) Thomas Insel
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Release date(s) 2019
Authoring system Inform 7
Platform(s) Glulx
Language(s) English
License(s) Creative Commons
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Cruelty scale Merciful

How It Begins

You are the last person on the agricultural spacestation RWSS Founder's Mercy. You are so lonely. You only stayed on the station to take care of your parents, but they've been dead and buried for a thousand days. It's time to go. Today, you will find a way to leave the station and find other people.

You begin, in your home, on the blanket you use for a bed. You are wearing a green jumpsuit and carrying a scanner.

Notable features

  • Feelies are included with the game in the form of a three-page PDF file. The first page is the "Schematic Station Map". The second page is the "Space Relay League Antenna Calibration Guide"; you'll need this info at one point in the game. The third page is an ad for the scanner that the player-character carries, including instructions on how to use it. The QR code is a link to the author's website.


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