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Interpreter, Authoring system
Developer David Goodenough
Format Other
Interaction style Parser
System CP/M
System details
Latest version 1990
Uses interpreter

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GAME4.0 or game40 was a CP/M-based text adventure authoring system produced by David Goodenough sometime before 1990. The system was later expanded by Larry Schnitger to add extra features and handle bigger games.

The GAME4.0 adventure creation system is composed of two programs: SCENE.COM and PLAY.COM. SCENE is used to compile an ASCII source file called name .SRC which you create using any word processor program. PLAY is used to play the generated name .SCN data file.

Games produced with the system include the two demonstration games, Tiny Game and Star (a Star Trek-themed adventure both by David Goodenough), as well as Faust; a much longer adventure by Susan Schnitger with help from Larry Schnitger.

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