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IFLibrary Comp
Competition (series of events)
Frequency Discontinued
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Website [http:// ]
Organiser David Cornelson
Events in this series
IFLibrary Comp 2002, IFLibrary Comp 2003
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The IFLibrary Comp (also known as the IFLibrary.org Competition, IFLibComp, IFLibrary Competition, and IF Library Interactive Fiction Competition) was created by David Cornelson as an alternative to the main IF Comp and was hosted on the IF Library website. The judging period was from mid-March to mid-April.

The comp was held twice, in 2002 and 2003. Participation in both events was light, and there were scheduling and conceptual conflicts with the Spring Thing competition, which also started in 2002. In 2015, Cornelson described the impetus for the comp to Emily Short:

I doubt anyone remembers the IFLibrary Competition which went directly up against Adam Cadre’s Spring Thing way back in those days. I was frustrated with some of the IF Comp rules, specifically the quality of the lower tier games not being weeded out in some formal process, but mostly that I think judging should be open and we should be able to discuss games freely in all mediums. ... I think the IF Comp has gotten better and has alleviated the quality concerns I used to have. I still don’t like the closed judging. (link)


The rules for IFLibrary Comp were similar to the IF Comp with these distinctions:

  • An author could only submit at most one entry to IFLibrary Comp.
  • A walkthrough was required with the game.
  • Open discussion was permitted during the voting period (including authors).
  • Judges had no time restraints on playing an entry.


There were two IFLibrary competitions: