The Annual IF Competition

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The Annual IF Competition
Competition (series of events)
Frequency Annual
Part of series [[]]
Events in this series
IFComp 2014, IFComp 2015, IFComp 2016, IFComp 2017, IFComp 2018, IFComp 2019, IFComp 2020, IFComp 2021, IFComp 2022, IFComp 2023, IFComp 2024
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The Annual IF Competition (also known as the competition, IF Comp, or just the comp) was started by Kevin Wilson in 1995. The official website is at It was taken over by David Dyte for a couple of years and was then run for many years by Stephen Granade with the help of Lucian Smith and Mark Musante and many others. On 5th January 2014, Granade announced that Jason McIntosh had agreed to be the next organizer of the IF Comp, starting from the 2014 competition. Jacqueline Ashwell has organized it since 2018.

In 2016, operation of the competition was taken over by the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation.

One of the parallel arrangements to the competition is the IF Beta Website where authors can sign up to have other community members beta test their work.

Summary of IF Comp Results

(See also the history page on

Organized by G. Kevin Wilson:

Organized by David Dyte:

Organized by Stephen Granade:

Organized by Jason McIntosh:

Organized by Jacqueline Ashwell:

The Annual IF Competition
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