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IF Arcade
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The IF Arcade was a collaborative project led by Adam Cadre, in which authors were asked to create IF versions of classic coin-operated arcade games. The package of 16 games by 15 authors was announced on rec.games.int-fiction on January 1, 2001.

Tag line: An arcade. Sixteen machines.

Game list

The authors were originally unattributed, and the match between authors and games has only been partially worked out, with some authors preferring to remain anonymous. The full list of IF arcade authors is: Adam Cadre, Stacy Cowley, Duncan Cross, Nate Cull, David Dyte, Jennifer Earl, Stephen Granade, Doug Jones, Mark Musante, Andrew Plotkin, L. Ross Raszewski, Emily Short, J. Robinson Wheeler, and Mona Wuerz.

The following game was not part of the IF Arcade collection released on 01-Jan-2001, but is sometimes included in lists about IF Arcade since it used the same concept and was released relatively soonish afterwards: