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IF Framework
Authoring system
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Developer Tarek Sander
Format HTML
Interaction style Choice
Systems Windows, macOS, Linux
System details
Latest version 0.1.0 / 19 Apr 2024
Status Beta
Uses interpreter
Multimedia support same as HTML5
License MIT
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A (currently only) choice-based IF library in and for Typescript and using Svelte for the UI, geared towards authors with at least a bit of experience with HTML, CSS and JS looking for a system with customizable UI for complex stories.

This is not a full engine on its own, that is you can't just had it a story file and let it play. The advantage is that the user has more control over the engine internals and how it's set up. There is a template project that has the necessary setup code and a build system set up.


  • Passage system with local variables like most Twine formats
  • Passages writable in Markdown/HTML and Svelte components
  • Global story variables
  • Serialization system supporting Svelte stores and hooks for custom classes
  • Deterministic/browser-independent random number generator that can be saved
  • Saving system with slots and a session storage save to protect against refreshes
  • Default UI with support for theming and custom dialogs

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