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Interaction style Parser-choice hybrid
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Latest version 3.5.0 / 27 Aug 2022
Status Stable
Uses interpreter
Multimedia support graphics, sound
License MIT
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INSTEAD Game «The Returning of the Quantum Cat»

INSTEAD — an INterpreter of Simple TExt ADventure, created by Peter Kosyh in 2009 and now one of the actively developing engines in Russia. Games are written in the programming language Lua.

Games in English

  • Kayleth
  • Returning of the quantum cat (file "instead-cat_en"). Incomplete translation and old version.
  • A small tutorial is included in the package program.

Publishing online

The engine itself is purely offline but there are several community conversions.

excelenter's Haxe solution compiles into a Flash game, epoxa's gives you a server-side game, or there is an Emscripten approach for a regular downloadable JavaScript game page, though note that it's not the best utilising the browser capabilities and may have some performance issues.


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