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Developer Sotiris Niarchos
Format HTML
Interaction style Choice
Systems Windows, macOS, Linux
System details
Latest version 0.4.0 / 19 Nov 2023
Status Stable
Uses interpreter
Multimedia support No multimedia per se, but supports anything a regular HTML page (with JS/CSS) would support.
License MIT
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iffinity is an extremely minimal, command-line engine for browser, choice/hypertext based interactive fiction. It is heavily inspired by Twine, and especially by its Snowman story format.

Full documentation can be found here.

The main idea was that Twine and Snowman are great for IF authors that want to have the creative freedom that a real-world, full-fledged programming language like JavaScript provides, but eventually feel limiting and make it quite hard to maintain and organize a project with hundreds of passages. The situation in Twine/Snowman becomes even more frustrating when authors want to have a lot of logic in their stories, e.g. a lot of complicated minigames/puzzles, or states that are hard to track.

For the author of iffinity, the main limitation of Twine/Snowman is that there is no way to organize your own text/prose/code the way you want it; you only get to view/edit them inside a very limited, single-window interface. This is especially frustrating when you want to have a lot of code in your story, and you want to organize it in a way that makes sense to you, e.g. by having a separate file for each puzzle, or a separate file for each character, or a separate file for each location, etc.

iffinity is (or, at least, attempts to be) a solution to this problem. It gets everything that is great about Twine/Snowman, and adds the ability to organize your story in a way that makes sense to you, in however many files you want, and in whatever way you want. Then, you can run ifc and your story will be compiled into a single HTML file that you can open in your browser and play!

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