Interactive Short Fiction Competition

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The Interactive Short Fiction Competition was planned for February 15, 2008 and was organized by Mark Engelberg. It ran in parallel with the IFBeginnersComp. The same game may be entered in both competitions.


  • February 15, 2008: deadline for authors' games to be sent.
  • February 29, 2008: the winner was announced.


Note: all these games were also entered in the IFBeginnersComp.


Other games:


This is a summary of the competition rules; for the complete rules, see the official website.

  • Entries must be written in either TADS 3 or Inform 7.
  • Source code must be included with the submission.
  • Entries must be in English.
  • Games should be aimed at beginning players:
    • Entries should be completable in under 1 hour.
    • Map drawing should not be required (at most 20 locations recommended).
    • The goal should be clear within the first few turns of play.
  • Descriptions should be kept short (usually single paragraphs, or up to three pagragraphs for the introduction and other key sequences).
  • There must be at least one puzzle.
  • The game should never become unwinnable, and the PC should not be able to die.
  • Language and content should be suitable for a middle school audience.