InsideADRIFT Game of the Year Comp 2006

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This is a competition for any game made using ADRIFT that was either released during the calendar year 2006 or has not been previously released. The winners of mainstream ADRIFT competitions (eg: InsideADRIFT Summer Comp 2006, ADRIFT Hourglass Comp 2006) will automatically be entered in this competition, along with the best placed ADRIFT games in Spring Thing 2006 and IF Comp 2006, unless the author objects.

The dead for was 15:00hrs GMT on Sunday 10 December 2006. The organizer, Ken Franklin, will then try and get everything together for judging to commence that evening. The voting deadline was 15:00hrs GMT on Sunday 31 December 2006.

Please see the official rules page for more details.

InsideADRIFT Game of the Year Comp 2006


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