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Science Fiction
Outer space
Outer space
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Spring Thing 2006
3rd place of 4
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XYZZY Awards 2006
Finalist - Best Writing and Best Story

How It Begins

You are Raif, born and raised in Syracuse, but now you're here in 2044, outside the Kangaroo's Midnight Gentleman's Club on Phobos, carrying a red keycard. You cut into the waiting line to stand with your pal, a sentient vacuum cleaner called Mr Chmod. By "outside", you mean under the life bubble where there's wholesome oxygen, but no freaking sunlight. You oversleep a lot.

Because Phobos will break up into rubble within months, everyone in the colony is evacuating, and in honor of the occassion, the club has got a clone of president William Howard Taft to make a speech. Cloning has gone mainstream, and this is the social event of the year. You don't want to miss it.


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