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Developer Felix Pleşoianu
Format HTML
Interaction style Choice
System Other
System details Lacks a separate authoring system; use with any text editor.
Latest version 2.5 / 4 Jun 2021
Status Stable
Uses interpreter
Multimedia support same as HTML5
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As described on its homepage, Ramus is a template for hypertext fiction or games self-contained in a single web page. Its distinguishing feature is lack of a separate authoring system. Instead, the entire system is self-contained in a single HTML file (complete with inline CSS and Javascript), that authors can edit with commonplace tools.


Ramus was originally developed between 2011 and 2012; at the time, it was compared to Undum and Squiffy, and saw use by a couple of authors. A first attempt to revive it was made in 2020, followed by a second attempt in 2021.


Ramus uses ordinary links for navigation; stateless games can be made with minimal knowledge of web design. A simple scripting engine is supported for more advanced functionality, and looks can be changed completely with stylesheets.

Games can be created with any text editor; skilled authors can extend or replace every detail of how Ramus works.

Ramus has very small overhead, only a few kilobytes.

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