SeedComp! 2024

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SeedComp! 2024
Part of series SeedComp!
Website [http:// ]
Organisers Pinkunz, manonamora, Milo van Mesdag, Lucian P. Smith, Daniel M. Stelzer
Event dates
Submissions begin 1 Oct 2023
Submissions due 1 Dec 2023
Submissions begin 1 Dec 2023
Submissions due 3 Mar 2024
Voting begins 5 Mar 2024
Voting ends 4 Apr 2024
Results announced 9 Apr 2024
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SeedComp! 2024 is the second SeedComp!, running from late 2023 to spring 2024.

Compared to the previous year, the lengths of rounds are longer, and there are some rule changes (such as a policy on the use of generative AI).


The Planting Round runs from 1 October until 1 December 2023 (increased to 2 months from the previous year's 1), during which creators can submit 'seeds' as a base of inspiration for the following round.

The Sprouting Round runs from 1 December 2023 until 3 March 2024 (increased to 3 months from the previous year's 7 weeks, and later extended by a couple of days), during which participants are asked to submit a game based or inspired by at least one 'seed' from the previous round.

The voting process will span from 5-6 March until 4 April 2024, allowing players to vote for 'awards' and submit 'stickers' to games and seeds.