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Segment Mini-Comp is a minicomp that was organized by David Cornelson. Games were released on May 26th, 2005.


(copied from a posting on January 10, 2005.)

Hello everyone,

I would like to start a new mini-competition. This one will have to work differently than the others, since it will take on some of the aspects of a speed-if competition, without the speed parts.

In Speed-IF 11, we built a premise of moving a dead body from the attic to the basement. Six authors volunteered and we split the premise into six segments, each ending where the next one would begin. Played in successive order, it would be like playing one whole game or story, albeit somewhat linear.

So the first order of business is to get participants. I will accept entries through January 17th at midnight US CST.

The second step will be for me to contact all participants to create a viable premise (one that everyone is generally interested in). Then I will segment the premise into X segments and we will have a random drawing for connecting participants to segments.

We should have this done within another 7 days time.

Then you will have 30 days to create your segment. So entries will be due on February 27th.

If someone drops out, we will need back-up entrants. If you would like to be a back-up entrant, please let me know.

So...first order business....who would like to play?

Oh yeah, everyone that participates and completes their segment will get a medal with the name of their segment (reasonable length) engraved.

Send entries by replying to me directly.

David Cornelson


(copied from a posting by David Cornelson on rec.arts-int.fiction on Feb. 10, 2005)

You are on your family vacation with your wife Susan, son Bart, daughter Fran, and Granny. You are staying at a cabin at one end of a lake where at the other end is a snow-capped mountain. It's Christmas and Bart and Fran really want a snowman for the traditional family photo. Obviously, the only snow around is on the mountain on the other side of the lake. The family also has a dog named Fido and a Hamster named Kaboot. In each segment, a family member or pet is left behind to return to the cabin.

Segment 1 - Start sailing. Your segment starts at the cabin and ends in the middle of the lake where there is a buoy. There may be something in the buoy that's important later on. Susan is lost by the end of this segment.

Segment 2 - Finish crossing the lake without the boat which is gone (who knows how, that's up to you). Your segment ends at the shore below the mountain. Granny is lost by the end of this segment.

Segment 3 - Climb the mountain. Bart is lost by the end of this segment.

Segment 4 - Make snowman, survive cold. Kaboot is lost in this segment.

Segment 5 - Get half way back to cabin (in air or otherwise) and preserve snowman. You may end up above the lake or falling into it. Fido is lost by the end of this segment.

Segment 6 - Survive fall get snowman to beach for photo. Dad, Fran, and the Snowman somehow survive to meet the others back at the beach for a snapshot.

All of the suggestions are here and you are encouraged to use any of them:

Places include: Toronto City Hall, A wall, boating lake, within pea-soup fog, Courthouse (specifically, the waiting room where potential jurors sit all day), and The central reservation on a motorway

Emotions: Befuddled, being content, anger, Schadenfreude, Pride, and Ennui

Foods: Chicken Tacos with Gravy, cheese, chorizo, Poutine, Chili casserole, and Fresh tomatoes

Activities: Hang Gliding, sailing, making pancakes, Snowman construction, family vacation, and Raking leaves

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