Speed-IF 11

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The thirteenth Speed-IF was on May 29, 2000, and organized by David Cornelson. Note that Speed-IF 11 actually took place before Speed-IF 10, because David Cornelson got the numbering wrong.

The concept of segmented games, each game comprising a segment of an overall storyline, was returned to with Segment Mini-Comp in 2005.


Segmented games. Each player was given a separate task. To move a dead body from one place to another. The first game started in the Attic and the last ended in the basement. There were games for; Attic, Upper Hallway, Stairway, Living Room, Lower Hallway, and Basement.

Domokov: You are enlisted to write a game that is entirely set in an attic. The goal is to get out with the dead body. There could be cobwebs, dressing dummies, hats, old Apple IIe's. The result is the PC gets left in the Upper Hallway.

jwalrus: You are to take the PC from the upper hallway and get to the stairs. Your mother demands that you do your homework and clean your room first. The dead body must get to the stairs where you will meet your little sister.

mcp: You must play hopscotch on the stairs with your little sister and get the dead body to the living room. She may also demand a game of chess.

Limax: In the living room, you must sneak the dead body past your father who is napping and get it to the lower hallway where your dog guards the basement door.

Jarb: I will distract the dog and get the dead body to the basement.

Dilbon: You will put the dead body in the furnace. Obviously this must not be as simple as PUT IN FURNACE. Please feel free to embellish.


Note: Entries are listed in the order of the overall storyline.

  1. Fun and Games (Ian Finley; TADS 2). File: Attic.gam.
  2. EPISODE 2: Revenge of the Mutant Spiders (Adam Biltcliffe; Z-code). File: spiders.z5.
  3. Stairs, an Interactive Stage Of Body Disposal (Anonymous; TADS 2). File: stairs.gam.
  4. Living Room, an Interactive Stage Of Body Disposal (Doug Jones, assistance: Anonymous; TADS 2). File: livingroom1.gam
  5. Fido and The Dead Body (David Cornelson; Z-code). File: fido.z5.
  6. SpeedIF 11, part six (Mikko Vuorinen; Alan). Files: BODY.ACD, BODY.DAT.


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