Speed-IF 1

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The first Speed-IF was done on October 2, 1998.


Jarb says, "I'll set it up....one room only, two NPC's, location is your choice, let's call this speedIF-Dialogue. Let me think of a topic."
Jarb says, "wait....someone give me an emotion"
Misericordius says (to Jarb), "Apathy"
Jarb asks, "anyone else?"
jrw says, "jealousy."
Jarb says, "bingo"
jrw asks, "So we have one room and MUST have two NPCs?"
Jarb says, "one NPC must be jealous of the other or the PC or both"
jrw says, "OK."
Jarb says, "now give me a profession"
Misericordius says (to Jarb), "Mortician"
Jarb exclaims, "excellent!"
Jarb says, "one NPC must be a mortician or work in a funeral home"
Jarb says, "or the PC"
Jarb says, "give me a mood"
Misericordius says (to Jarb), "Festive."
Jarb asks, "anyone else?"
jrw says, "A mood? Oh, uh.."
jrw says, "Solemn."
jrw says, "Frenzied."
jrw says, "Busy."
aoeu says, "Christmas-like."
Jarb says, "I got one....schitzophrenia.....one NPC or the PC must exhibit this"
jrw asks, "In what sense of the word?"
Jarb says, "drastic mood/personality shifts"
jrw says, "That's a peculiar condition to have to code. Hm."
Jarb says, "give me a disability"
aoeu says (to jrw), "Just add 'has schitzophrenia' to the end of your object; it's a standard inform attribute."
jrw hits Jarb with a lead pipe.
Jarb laughs
Jarb says, "okay headache....an NPC or the PC must have a headache"
Jarb says, "summary"
jrw takes furious notes.
Jarb says, "one room, two npc's, jealousy, mortician/funeral home worker, schitzo, headache. Starting NOW! 7:41 on my clock. Go! 15 minutes."
ddyte asks, "15 minutes???"
Jarb says, "yes"
ddyte says, "Gah."
jrw mutters "Impossible! Impossible!" over and over.
Jarb says, "new rule....I'll give everyone an extra 15 minutes....15 is too short a time, but 30 should be okay....8:11 is the deadline"


Jarb says, "I've just realized something....no matter what.....speedIF will require at least an hour or more....probably two hours...to do anything playable"
Jarb says (to spatch), "we started before you...i was gonna let you join late"
Spatch says, "don't worry. i didn't do anything."
Jarb says, "neither did anyone else"
Jarb says, "dinner time"
Jarb goes away for awhile

[still later]

Misericordius asks (to Jarb), "TIME???"
jrw says, "He gave up."
aoeu asks (to miser), "Did you write something?"
jrw says, "He extended it to 30 minutes, then an hour, then said "oh it needs 2 hours" and then went to eat something."
Misericordius says, "Yes"
Misericordius says, "And it's done."
jrw exclaims, "You wiN!"



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