Speed-IF 2000

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The tenth Speed-IF was on December 12, 1999, and organized by Gunther Schmidl.


Since this is called speedIF2000, you have until 12/31/1999, midnight GMT to submit your game. However, you only have two hours to *write* it. Be fair.

The premise is as follows:

  • Setting: A Massai (or Maasai, or Masai) boma (village).
  • The PC can, but need not, be a Ma{a}s{s}ai him/her/itself.
  • Some cattle is gone. It must be brought. You have a spear.
  • Bonus points for including a lion (but no phone). No bonus points for including circumcision.


  1. http://www.maasai.com/maasai.htm
  2. It's enough if you mention anything in the premise in passing
  3. necessary research is not included in the two hours



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