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Speed-IF GE 20
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The fifty-second Speed-IF, Speed-IF >= 20, was on April 10, 2004 and organized by Adam Conover.


Speed-IF >= 20 begins! Premise: Someone (or an animal) has swallowed something important! Bonus points for limiting the number of nouns used! Super-bonus points for using five nouns or less! You have two hours! Sign URL here when complete! Deadline, Monday at noon EST! GOOOOOOO!!!!!

Clarification: The noun restriction applies to nouns used in the text of the game, not objects implemented. That is, if you limit yourself to five nouns, you are restricted to using five different nouns in the entire game. (Prounouns do not count as nouns. Don't worry about default library responses either, unless you're *really* dedicated.)


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