Speed-IF ToasterComp II

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The forty-second Speed-IF was on April 12, 2003 and organized by Admiral Jota. Obviously, this was an unofficial sequel to ToasterComp.


If we held a speedIF *right now*, like *right NOW*, would you participate?

Rob: yeah

Ander: Yes, but only if I can abstain should I actually be presented with an opportunity to get toast.

jwalrus: er, I have an unpleasant feeling that I might, despite the amount of stuff I have to do right now

Tablesaw: I'm at work, so probably no.

Jota: OK, we're doing it. You must write a *very* short game -- as short and tiny and meaningless as you want -- involving any, all, or none of the following: toast, toasters, bagels, scones, English muffins, jam, High Tea, or magical glvoes grabbing chocolate candies out of the television set. You have two hours -- bonus points if you get done in one hour.


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