The Horror of Rylvania

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The Horror of Rylvania
Author(s) D. A. Leary
Publisher(s) Adventions
Release date(s) 1993
Authoring system TADS 2
Platform(s) TADS 2
Language(s) English
License(s) Former commercial
Color effects none
Graphics none
Sound/Music none
Cruelty scale Cruel

How It Begins

You were suddenly attacked by wolves, and now your friend Carolyn lies dying at your feet. You need to get medical help. How unfortunate that you are on a vacation in Rylvania, a land of black forests, ancient churches, and... vampires.

Notable Features

  • First released as a free demo and a commercial full game by Adventions. It was later released as a fully free game.
  • According to Adam Thornton, this game was one of the first real horror IFs: Atmosphere? Does anyone else remember how radical Rylvania was in that it stuck to its gothic-horror guns and did not yield to the then near-total temptation to throw cutesy and anachronistic stuff into the game?
  • Jimmy Maher praises the game for being an early attempt at letting plot and character take centre stage. However, he judges that this attempt fails in the end, since traditional adventure puzzles dominate most of the game.
  • The game has multiple endings that follow from different choices in a final moral dilemma. This was very uncommon at the time The Horror of Rylvania was written.


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