Words of Power

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Words of Power
Words of Power cover.png
Author(s) Stark Springs
Publisher(s) n/a
Release date(s) 2002
Authoring system Inform 6
Platform(s) Glulx
Language(s) English
License(s) Freeware
Color effects yes
Graphics yes
Sound/Music yes (optional music)
Cruelty scale Merciful

How It Begins

You are Thea Armstrong, a physics student at a university in Idaho, United States. You are transported to an unknown planet after unwisely messing around with equipment belonging to your professor, who disappeared some years ago. On this world there humans as well as sentient non-humans, and magic is real. Your mission is to find your professor, and to find a way home. As you begin your journey, you have nothing but the clothes you wear, but you quickly find a fragment of a book, authored by your professor, which fills you in on the history and geography of this world, as well as introduces you to its magic. You are joined on your quest by a mysterious cat.

Notable Features

  • Hyperlinks are available in help menus and conversation menus. Icons at the bottom of the screen representing words of power can be clicked on to cast spells.
  • A magic spell is this game is a sequence of words of power. The special commands "CAST spell" and "CAST spell ON target" cast the spells. The command "RELEASE SPELL" deactivates an active spell.
  • Conversation with NPCs can be initiated with the "TALK TO character" command. Conversation menus are displayed to the right of the main text along with an icon representing the NPC you're talking to.
  • Multiple player characters. Text and background colors change when the active PC changes.


Release 4

  • Words of Power (Stark Springs; 2002; Glulx).
    • Other contributors: Chris Nyaguly (graphics), BlueShadow (music: 'Alone in the Snowfall'), Aymes'fromagies (music: 'Felling Ice'), Cyn (music: 'Moment of Truth'), Vegg (music: 'The Rattatangs'), Haggeman (music: 'Tales 2000'), Andreas Viklund (music: 'Theme of Njals Saga'), Toukka (music: 'Winter Skies'), M. Eminescu (lyrics: 'Gloss' and 'Mortua Est'), and C.M. Popescu (English translator of lyrics).
    • Testers: Dan Shiovitz, Michael Iachini, David Welbourn, and Lorin Rowe.
    • Release 4 / Serial number 021229 / Inform v6.21(G0.36) Library 6/10
    • IFID: GLULX-4-021229-C6874332
      IFID links: IFDB, IFDB cover
    • Download words.zip from the IF Archive.
      • Book.pdf -- A password protected document representing a book found early in the game.
      • Diary.pdf -- A password protected document representing a diary in the game. Passwords to both PDF files can be found within the game.
      • readme.txt -- A note from the author.
      • words.blb -- The story file.
      • words.cfg -- An optional configuration file "that will set the proper window size upon startup, but will disable the window caption." If you don't like what the configuration file does to the game window, remove it from the directory.
    • Download words-ns.zip from the IF Archive. The no-sound version.
      • Book.pdf
      • Diary.pdf
      • readme.txt
      • words-ns.blb -- The same story file as above, but without music resources bundled with it.
      • words-ns.cfg


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