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Several classic games depend to some degree on the use of magic spells to transform objects, transport the PC, acquire superhuman powers, and so on. Some of these nonsense words have entered the general IF vocabulary.

SpellEffectAppears in these gamesAlso used for
aimfizTransport caster to someone else's location.SorcererA Z-Code interpreter; see aimfiz.
awayActivates a magic carpet.Adventureland
bekdabTurn iron to rust.Spiritwrak
blorbSafely protect a small object as though in a strong box.EnchanterA resource collection format; see blorb.
blorpleExplore an object's mystic connections.SpellbreakerBlorpleMachine, a Visual Basic Z-code interpreter.
An IF browser by Michael Martin.
(Before that, briefly, the Z-Code interpreter that became gnusto.)
bozbarCause a creature to sprout wings.Balances
bunyanTeleports caster's possessions.AdventurelandPaul Bunyan
casklyCause perfection.SpellbreakerA Z-Code interpreter.
cleeshChange a creature into a small amphibian.Enchanter
egdelpCreate waxy buildup on wood.Spiritwrak
espnisSend a creature to sleep.Spellbreaker, Spiritwrak
exexMake things move with greater speed.Enchanter
feeyukAllow a creature to resist gravity.Spiritwrak
filfreCreate gratuitous fireworks.Balances, EnchanterA Z-Code interpreter; see filfre.
fiznavMake a boat seaworthy.Spiritwrak
foblubDeliver a magnificent sermon.SpiritwrakA Z-Code interpreter for TI calculators.
frotzCause something to give off light.Enchanter, Sorcerer, Spellbreaker, SpiritwrakA Z-Code interpreter; see frotz.
fweepTurn caster into a bat.SorcererA Z-Code interpreter; see fweep.
gasparProvide for your own resurrection.Sorcerer
girgolStop time.Spellbreaker
glothFold dough many times.Spiritwrak
gnustoWrite a magic spell into a spell book.Balances, Enchanter, Sorcerer, Spellbreaker, SpiritwrakA Z-machine implementation; see gnusto.
golmacTravel temporally.SorcererA blog about Infocom's games.
gondarQuench an open flame.Enchanter
gunchoBanish a creature to another plane of existence.EnchanterA multiplayer IF system; see Guncho. c.f. huncho, luncho.
hunchoBanish a creature to a higher plane of existence.Spiritwrakc.f. luncho.
izyukFly like a bird.Enchanter, Sorcerer
jindakDetect magic.Spellbreaker
krebfRepair willful damage.Enchanter
kulcadDispel a magic spell.Enchanter
ledakDetect forgery.Spiritwrak
lesochCause a gust of wind.Spellbreaker
liskonShrink a creature.Spellbreaker
llepsInvert a prepared spell.Balances
lobalSharpen hearing.Balances
lunchoBanish a creature to a lower plane of existence.Spiritwrakc.f. huncho.
malyonBring life to inanimate objects.Sorcerer, SpellbreakerA Z-Code interpreter.
meefCause plants to wilt.Sorcerer
melborProtect magic users from harm by evil beings.Enchanter
nitfolConverse with creatures in their own tongue.EnchanterA Z-Code interpreter; see nitfol.
A webcomic character name; see The Mansion of E.
ozmooSurvive unnatural death.EnchanterA Z-Code interpreter; see ozmoo.
ploverTransport caster to another location.AdventureAn IF computer host; see plover.net.
plughTransport caster to another location.AdventureAn IF development GUI.
pulverCause liquids to become dry.Sorcerer
rezrovOpen even locked or enchanted objects.Enchanter, Sorcerer, SpellbreakerA Z-Code interpreter; see rezrov.
A utility for unpacking Blorb files.
shazokCall lightning from a storm.Spiritwrak
snavigChange an object's shape.Spellbreaker
swankoBanish a spirit.Spiritwrakc.f. swanzo.
swanzoExorcise an inhabiting presence.Sorcererc.f. swanko.
taclorHeal wounds.Spiritwrak
throckCause plants to grow.Spellbreaker, Spiritwrak
tinsotCause liquids to freeze.Spellbreaker
tossioTurn granite to pasta.Spiritwrak
urbzigTurn a dangerous object into a harmless one.Balances
vardikShield a mind from an evil spirit.Sorcerer
vaxumMake a hostile creature your friend.Enchanter
vezzaView the future.SorcererInfocom's chairman and CEO.
A Z-Code interpreter; see vezza.
vominRead a creature's mind.Sorcererc.f. yomin.
wigroTurn undead.Spiritwrak
xyzzyTransport caster to another location.AdventureMany things: see xyzzy.
yohoTransport caster to another location.Pirate Adventure
yominRead a creature's mind.Spellbreakerc.f. vomin. IDE for Inform and ZIL; see yomin.
yonkAugment the power of certain spells.SorcererAn Inform development GUI.
zemdorTriplicate an object.Spiritwrak
zifmiaMagically summon a being.EnchanterA client-server system for playing IF in a browser; see FyreVM.