Gelek Vanilla

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Gelek Vanilla
Developer Joan CiberSheep
Type Interpreter
Stable release 1.7.1
Development release n/a
Operating system Ubuntu Touch (GNU/Linux)
Written in C++, QML, C
License(s) GPL
Website Gelek Vanilla homepage

Gelek Vanilla is an interpreter similar to Gelek but aims to be more general (therefore contains no information about any specific IF work). The main goal of Gelek Vanilla is to support as many IF systems as possible (in the fashion of Gargoyle. As Gelek, it also uses Andrew Plotkin's remote Glk implementation (RemGlk) as a backend which offers, at the moment, supports the following systems: AdvSys, Adrift, AGiliTy, Glulx, Level 9, Magnetic Scrolls, Scott Adams, TADS and Z-code. Support for more systems are in the way.

Main screen of the app