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Adventure Prompt
Authoring system
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Developer Felix Pleşoianu
Format HTML
Interaction style Parser-choice hybrid
Systems macOS, Linux, Other
System details Made in Python; works anywhere a runtime is available.
Latest version
Status Unmaintained
Uses interpreter
Multimedia support No multimedia
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Adventure Prompt was an experimental authoring system with a parser-choice hybrid interface, inspired by Versificator 2.


Adventure Prompt was initially created in late 2016, after Detectiveland became the first non-parser game to win the IFComp. It received a significant update in the spring of 2018, but a second, more advanced demo was never completed.


Adventure Prompt sports an interactive authoring system with a command-line interface similar to that of ifMUD, and produces self-contained HTML games. Later versions add a declarative input format based on INI files, and a compiler for them.


Adventure Prompt is superseded by Gruescript, and only preserved for historical reasons.

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