Apollo 18+20: The IF Tribute Album

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Apollo 18+20: The IF Tribute Album
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Website https://pr-if.org/event/apollo-18/
Organiser Kevin Jackson-Mead
Event dates
Registration begins 17 Dec 2011
Registration ends 31 Dec 2011
Submissions due 12 Feb 2012
Submissions due 23 Mar 2012
Event ends 26 Mar 2012
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Apollo 18+20: The IF Tribute Album is a collection of works of interactive fiction created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of the They Might Be Giants album Apollo 18. The project was organized by Kevin Jackson-Mead, who announced it on his blog in December 2011. Interested participants emailed him to sign up to make a game based on one of the album's 38 tracks.


38 games were released on March 26th, 2012. The "Fingertips" games are "one-turn" games.

The order presented here is the track order of the Apollo 18 album.

  1. Dig My Grave (Ryan Veeder; Z-code).
  2. I Palindrome I (Nick Montfort; JavaScript; Web browser).
  3. She's Actual Size (Jake Eakle; Glulx).
  4. My Evil Twin (Carl Muckenhoupt; Z-code).
  5. Mammal (Joey Jones; Z-code 5).
  6. The Statue Got Me High (Ryan Veeder; Z-code).
  7. Spider (Andrew Schultz; Z-code).
  8. The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) (Jason B. Alonso, Catherine Havasi, and Val Grimm; Z-code).
  9. Dinner Bell (Jenni Polodna; Z-code).
  10. Narrow Your Eyes (Ben Collins-Sussman and Jack Welch; Glulx).
  11. Hall of Heads (Dan Efran with 'Becca Stallings; Z-code).
  12. Which Describes How You're Feeling (Adam Parrish; Glulx).
  13. See the Constellation (Ed Blair; Z-code).
  14. If I Wasn't Shy (Joey Jones; Z-code 8).
  15. Turn Around (Andrew Schultz; Glulx).
  16. Hypnotist of Ladies (David Cornelson; Z-code 5).
  17. Fingertips: Everything Is Catching On Fire (E. Joyce; Z-code).
  18. Fingertips: Fingertips (Michael Hilborn; Z-code).
  19. Fingertips: I Hear the Wind Blow (Jacqueline A. Lott; Glulx).
  20. Fingertips: Hey Now, Everybody (Melvin Rangasamy; Z-code 5).
  21. Fingertips: Who's That Standing Out the Window (Melvin Rangasamy; Z-code 5).
  22. Fingertips: I Found a New Friend (Adri; Z-code 8).
  23. Fingertips: Come On and Wreck My Car (Paul Laroquod; Z-code 8).
  24. Fingertips: Aren't You the Guy Who Hit Me in the Eye? (Michael Hilborn; Z-code).
  25. Fingertips: Please Pass the Milk Please (Adri; Z-code 8).
  26. Fingertips: Leave Me Alone (Kevin Jackson-Mead; Z-code).
  27. Fingertips: Who's Knockin' on the Wall? (Melvin Rangasamy; Z-code 5).
  28. Fingertips: All Alone (Joey Jones; Z-code 5).
  29. Fingertips: What's That Blue Thing Doing Here? (Ruth Alfasso; Z-code).
  30. Fingertips: Something Grabbed Ahold of My Hand (Melvin Rangasamy; Z-code 5).
  31. Fingertips: I Don't Understand You (Matt Weiner; Z-code 5).
  32. Fingertips: I Heard a Sound (Kevin Jackson-Mead; Z-code 5).
  33. Fingertips: Mysterious Whispers (Peter Nepstad; Glulx).
  34. Fingertips: The Day That Love Came to Play (S. John Ross; Z-code 8).
  35. Fingertips: I'm Having a Heart Attack (Andrew Schultz; Z-code).
  36. Fingertips: Fingertips (Reprise) (Melvin Rangasamy; Z-code 5).
  37. Fingertips: I Walk Along Darkened Corridors (Andrew Schultz; Z-code).
  38. Space Suit (Andrew Schultz; Z-code).