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Developer He4eT
Formats ADRIFT 4, Glulx, Hugo, TADS 2, TADS 3, Z-code
Interaction style
System Browser
System details
Latest version 0.2.0 / 29 Jun 2023
Status Stable
Uses interpreter Emglken
Multimedia support No multimedia
License MIT
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ElseIFPlayer is an Interactive Fiction interpreter created with a deep respect for the nature of the web. Powered by cheap-glkote and Emglken.

ElseIFPlayer, like Parchment, is based on Emglken but does not aim to replace it. While Parchment remains the de facto standard among web interpreters, ElseIFPlayer takes a fresh approach to text-only Interactive Fiction. ElseIFPlayer is Parchment's rebellious little brother.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, some games will look and feel better in ElseIFPlayer than ever before, while others may turn into a dreadful mess of letters.

Key features

  • Excellent user experience on both mobile devices and desktop.
  • Very smooth and neat.
  • Works directly in your browser.
  • A wide range of color themes allows you to get deeper into the atmosphere of a particular game, or synchronise the player's appearance with the colors of your operating system, text editor or even keycaps.

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