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Developer Dannii Willis
Formats ADRIFT 4, Glulx, Hugo, TADS 2, TADS 3, Z-code
Interaction style
Systems Browser, Windows, macOS, Linux
System details
Latest version 0.6.0 / 12 Feb 2024
Status Stable
Uses interpreter Bocfel, Git, Glulxe, Hugo, Mjr-T3, Scare
Used byElseIFPlayer, Lectrote, Parchment
Multimedia support Supports graphics in Lectrote and Parchment, colours in Parchment only
License MIT, some terps GPL-2.0
Notes Note that this interpreter cannot simply be downloaded and run to play game files.
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Emglken is a project by Dannii Willis which compiles several interpreters with Emscripten into Javascript and WebAssembly, so that the interpreters can be played anywhere with a modern Javascript runtime, such as any modern web browser.

From the readme:

Over the years many Interactive Fiction interpreters have been written which use the Glk API, or have been adapted to do so. Emglken takes some of these interpreters, compiles them to use the RemGlk Glk library using Emscripten, and then outputs to Javascript and WebAssembly. These interpreters, which once needed to be compiled for each distinct operating system and CPU combination, can now be run anywhere there's a modern Javascript runtime: on the web with Parchment, in desktop apps like Lectrote, or in Node.js directly.

Emglken itself doesn't have a lot of code, RemGlk does most of the work for us. What Emglken does provide is a virtual file system for Emscripten which lets RemGlk think it is running on a normal Linux filesystem, but is actually transformed to use GlkOte's Dialog API. Emglken also provides a common interpreter interface to handle setting up the connections between each interpreter and GlkOte.

Emglken is available as a console app via npm, as well as being bundled into Lectrote and Parchment.

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