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IF Theory Reader by Kevin Jackson-Mead and J. Robinson Wheeler was published in late February 2011. It is intended to be a book about both the craft and theory of interactive fiction. It reviews past IF achievements, summarizes current IF discussions, and suggests possible ideas to pursue in future works of IF. The IF Theory Reader is available as a paperback book, an eBook, or a PDF.

This work was called the "IF Theory Book" during its long development. Eventually after a long hiatus and a change of editors, the book was finally published.

Note: The Glossary category on this wiki was originally created on another wiki to be included in the IF Theory Book.

Table of Contents


  • Toward a Theory of Interactive Fiction — Nick Montfort
  • Characterizing, If Not Defining, Interactive Fiction — Andrew Plotkin
  • not that you may remember time: Interactive Fiction, Stream-of-Consciousness Writing, and Free Will — Mark Silcox
  • 2 Brief Dada Angels — Ryan Stevens, writing as Rybread Celsius
  • Object Relations — Graham Nelson
  • IF as Argument — Duncan Stevens
  • The Success of Genre in Interactive Fiction — Neil Yorke-Smith
  • Parser at the Threshold: Lovecraftian Horror in Interactive Fiction — Michael Gentry
  • Distinguishing Between Game Design and Analysis: One View — Gareth Rees
  • Natural Language, Semantic Analysis, and Interactive Fiction — Graham Nelson
  • Afterword: Five Years Later — Graham Nelson



Staff for "IF Theory Reader"

Staff for "IF Theory Book"

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