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Craft articles listed here attempt to answer an author's "how do I do X" questions, like "How do I craft better NPCs?" or "How can I craft better puzzles?" Articles are grouped into categories based roughly on the XYZZY Awards, plus an extra category for promotion, eg: "How can I promote my game?"

For articles about classifications, terminologies, and "what is X" questions, see Theory.

For examples on coding specific game features, see Category:Tutorials.

For a list of wiki pages that contain links to "making-of" articles, see Category:Author commentary.


This section can be about design, the game as a whole, or a general catch-all for articles that cover several topics.

Making-Of Articles

Articles describing the creation of specific games. These may cover any aspect of planning, designing, or crafting the games in question. (Articles listed by author's surname order.)

Due to the increased number of "making-of" articles, we've begun adding these links to other relevant wiki pages (e.g. competition pages and work pages) rather than continuing to add to the list here. For a list of wiki pages that contain links to making-of articles, see the author commentary category.



(Articles about types of PCs are on the Theory page listed under Taxonomy.)





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