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IF Whispers is an experimental (and not entirely serious) method of writing collaborative IF, similar to Speed-IF. Each participant codes a section of a game in sequence, only seeing the section of code immediately before their own. If managed correctly, this results in a game that is playable, but makes little sense in terms of plot.

The idea was the brainchild of Carl Muckenhoupt, and inspired by cadavre exquis and Comic Whispers. The project generally operates without a time limit.


Authors are listed in the order that their sections were written.

1st IF Whispers Project

2nd IF Whispers Project

3rd IF Whispers Project

4th IF Whispers Project

5th IF Whispers Project

See also

  • IF Progressive, a project very similar to IF Whispers except that authors are able to see all of the code so far, not just the code written by the previous author.