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  • .a3c - Alan 3 story file.
  • .a3r - Alan 3 resource file.
  • .acd - Alan 2 code file. Always accompanied with a .dat data file.
  • .alr - ADRIFT Language Resource file.
  • .asl - Quest source code and readable story file. Contrast with .cas.


  • .blb - Blorb file, which contains other files, one of which is almost certainly some kind of story file. See also: .gblorb, .glb, .zblorb, and .zlb.


  • .cas - Compressed Quest story file. Contrast with .asl.


  • .dat - Data file. Without context, this could be anything. Infocom used .dat files for its story files; those are equivalent to any one of .z1 to .z8 file formats. Alan 2 also uses its own .dat files; these are always accompanied with an .acd file.


  • .floydc - Floyd story file.


  • .gam - TADS 2 story file.
  • .gblorb - Blorb file which contains a Glulx story file.
  • .glb - Blorb file which contains a Glulx story file.


  • .h - Header file. This is a special type of source code file shareable between projects. Inform 6, TADS 2, and TADS 3 all use .h files.
  • .hex - Hugo story file. (Probably short for "Hugo EXecutable".)



  • .jacl - JACL source code file.
  • .j2 - JACL source that has been processed by a version 2 interpreter and is ready for execution.


  • .ni - Inform 7 source code. The "ni" stands for "Natural Inform".
  • .nx - Node-X story file.


  • .sav - Saved game file. This extension is used by various interpreters, including TADS 2 and Z-code interpreters, although the file formats are not always compatible.
  • .scr - Transcript of a Z-Code game. It's pure text, so changing it to .txt can't hurt and might help.


  • .t - TADS source code file.
  • .t3 - TADS 3 story file.
  • .t3v - TADS 3 saved game file.
  • .t3x - TADS 3 story file.
  • .tab - TAB game datafile
  • .taf - ADRIFT story file. (Probably short for "Text Adventure File".)
  • .tag - T.A.G. story file. (A German IF format.)
  • .tws - Twine story file. (Twine output files, however, end in .html)



  • .z1 - Z-Machine version 1 story file.
  • .z2 - Z-Machine version 2 story file.
  • .z3 - Z-Machine version 3 story file.
  • .z4 - Z-Machine version 4 story file.
  • .z5 - Z-Machine version 5 story file.
  • .z6 - Z-Machine version 6 story file.
  • .z7 - Z-Machine version 7 story file.
  • .z8 - Z-Machine version 8 story file.
  • .zblorb - Blorb file which contains a Z-Machine story file.
  • .zil - ZIL source code.
  • .zlb - Blorb file which contains a Z-Machine story file.
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