Marc Blank

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Marc Blank, 2006. From GET LAMP.

Despite his medical degree, Marc Blank has worked in the entertainment software industry for several decades and played a large role in the formation of interactive fiction and Infocom.

Author Credits

Tech Credits

  • Created the ZIL programming language and the Zilch compiler.
  • Co-created and maintained the Z-machine virtual computer.

Review and Article Credits

  • "Zork, a Computerized Fantasy Simulation Game." (with Dave Lebling and Tim Anderson.) IEEE Computer, April 1979.
  • "How to Fit a Large Program Into a Small Machine." (with Stu Galley.) Creative Computing, July 1980.

Organizational Credits

  • Co-founded and acted as vice-president of Infocom.

Other Credits

  • Journey: The Quest Begins (publisher: Infocom; 1988; Z-code) CRPG/adventure game hybrid.