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Developer Michael J. Roberts
Formats TADS 2, TADS 3
Interaction style
System details
Latest version 3.1.3 / 7 Mar 2016
Status Stable
Uses interpreter
Used byEmglken, Gargoyle, HTML TADS (Interpreter), QTads
Multimedia support Depending on the frontend
License TADS 3 License / GNU GPL v2
Notes Note that this interpreter cannot simply be downloaded and run to play game files.
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Reference VM implementation for the TADS 3 VM, written by Michael J. Roberts. It only provides the VM interpreter with no user interface of its own, and is intended to be incorporated into a larger interpreter application, such as HTML TADS.

(If you came here trying to play a TADS 3 game, take a look at our list of recommended TADS interpreters.)


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