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The sixty-seventh Speed-IF, Newer New Year's Speed IF, ran during the last half of December 2009, and was the third installment of New Year's Speed IFs organized by Taleslinger. The only real concern was that the games be playable via the Floyd bot on ifMud. (Ironically, Taleslinger was unable to attend the ClubFloyd session due to prior commitments.)


Hello folks! For the third time in a row, we're having a New Year's Speed If. (Thanks to Lucea for suggesting the title. Thank her if you hate New New New Year's Speed IF.) Anyhow, like always this is clearly not a SPEED IF in two ways : 1) you can take as much time from now to the 26th as you like 2) There is no theme, no madlibs, no anything. Just write that short game you always wanted but never had a reason to. We'll probably (cross your fingers) play those on Clubfloyd, so use a system that's compatible and go easy on the screen effects. Most importantly: Have fun! (Sign here)


Okay, this is gonna be confusing. We originally had two games (The Day I stabbed ... and Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma) that we were going to play on January 2nd, and although Jacqueline had copies of them, no one else did, and Jacqueline didn't have the ability to upload them to Floyd (that magical power belonging to Jota and inky, and neither of them were available during the holidays). So ClubFloyd didn't play any Speed-IF games on January 2nd, but instead played the games. Both games were uploaded for the January 9th session, so we'll say that that's the date of those games' release.

However, ClubFloyd didn't play both games. Taleslinger was absent on the 9th, and Nitku's game was long, so only Nitku's game was played:

On January 16th, ClubFloyd played Taleslinger's game plus a new game from maga. (By this time, Jacqueline had the ability to upload to Floyd, which came in very handy, as maga's game went through three versions during the session!

Afterwards, there was some confusion on the status of the games in this speed-if. The final status:

  • Nitku withdrew his game from the Speed-IF and re-released a more polished version of his game on February 28, 2010.
  • maga's game eventually became available somewhere other than Floyd.
  • Jacqueline had a game in progress for this "Speed-IF" and hoped it would be played on January 30th. However, other things came up and her game, if released, will be worked into a full game and released at some indefinite time in the future.


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