Speed-IF 17

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The twenty-eighth Speed-IF was on August 11, 2001 and organized by Admiral Jota.


Your game will be set on one or several floor(s) of a thirty-story building in Manhattan. At the beginning of the game, it's ten in the evening on December 31, 2002. On every floor, the New Year's bash is going on -- the people in their high-rise apartments, the rented out function halls, even the office workers stuck here late. Fireworks are scheduled to begin over the water promptly at midnight. Unfortunately, the building will be taken over by terrorists at eleven-thirty -- they've infiltrated the maintenance staff and have been surreptitiously placing bombs in various locations throughout the building during the past few months, all set to go off at different times later that evening if their demands aren't met.

Each author will get one or several floor(s) in the building as their own, author's choice (basement, ground level, and roof included). You're free to use unused floors to a degree, but try not to do too much that'd interfere with other people's games.


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