Speed-IF Third Anniversary

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The twenty-ninth Speed-IF was on September 29, 2001 and organized by David Cornelson.


Story is holloween. Location is to be determined. Premise contains leather and a character named Voodoo Pimp Daddy. Sign below for other requirements or optional items. When we reach 10 items, the game begins. Please, one premise item per person:
BoingBall: prosthetic nose
schep: maize maze (of course)
mcp: a broken television set
Hloif: Shrapnel. Any kind.
Emily: location: somewhere on the Mediterranean coastline.
Sargent: item: a glowstick
ctate: item: live domesticated animal(s)
dfan: celery
Starweaver: A pumpkin, of course. Preferably talking and or exploding.
Jarb: a yacht
Miseri: Cap'n Morgan and his merry henchmen, Ben & Jerry.
Jarb: additional items are welcome from those that intend to write a game... voyeurs stay home
Jarb: midnight CDT tomorrow


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