Textfire 12-Pack

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This collection was an April Fool's Day prank played in 1998: a group of people pseudonymously put together some very peculiar "demos" of very odd games, claiming that full versions would soon be available for sale. The original 12-pack contained 16 games, and the 17th, George, was added afterwards with more apocryphal news.

(Masta'mind must have been added even later, as the 18th game.)


The "Textfire" name

  • When the Textfire group were brainstorming names, the original choice was "Thundersoft", but it turned out there was already a Thundersoft.
  • Cody Sandifer proposed the name "Textfire".
  • Adam Thornton registered textfire.com for use with the IF Comp.
  • The German IF website, textfire.de, is the home of the annual Grand Prix competition, which began in 2002.