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Textfyre, Inc. was a commercial publisher of interactive fiction, founded by David A. Cornelson in 2007. It produced two games before pivoting to an education technology platform. After several discussions with various angel investors, VCs, and the Gates Foundation, Texfyre closed due to lack of funding and support.


The Miradania Series, co-designed by David A. Cornelson and Michael Gentry and written by Michael Gentry, is:

The Klockwerk series, designed by Ian Finley and written by Jon Ingold, is:

The Giant Leaps series, designed by Paul O'Brian and written by Christopher Huang, will have the following titles:

  • Empath's Gift. Jason Dyer has taken it upon himself to help complete this game with the help of Paul and Chris. It will eventually be released for free to the public.
  • Untitled (episode II).
  • Untitled (episode III).

The Anna Chronicles series, designed and written by Sarah Morayati

  • Poets in Peril. Never made it passed planning stage.
  • Untitled (episode II).
  • Untitled (episode III).