Thanksgiving Speed-IF

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Thanksgiving Speed-IF

The seventy-fourth Speed-IF, Thanksgiving Speed-IF ran from November 11 to 27, 2011. The organizer is Justin de Vesine a.k.a. vimes. The games were promptly played by ClubFloyd on Sunday afternoon, November 27, 2011.


A speed-IF! A veritable feast! Using the following inventory items, based on a list of photographed items from Grocible's book-in-progress:

a top hat. a dragonfly*. a small crystal ball. two optical prisms. a water pistol. a magnifying glass. a bowtie. a jar of silica. a polished piece of labradorite. a bow and arrow. an archer's arm guard. a bismuth crystal.

Email or mudmail entries to vimes by noon-ish MUD time on Sunday the 27th of November. Sign here for intent.

* missing


Six games were released on November 27, 2011:



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