Child's Play

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IntroComp 2006
First runner-up
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XYZZY Awards 2007
Finalist - Best Game, Best Writing, Best Puzzles,
Best Individual Puzzle, Best Individual NPC
Child's Play
Child's Play small cover.png
Author(s) Stephen Granade
Publisher(s) n/a
Release date(s) intro: 17-Jul-2006
full: 31-Dec-2007
Authoring system Inform 7
Platform(s) Z-code
Language(s) English
License(s) Freeware + fine print
Color effects none
Graphics none
Sound/Music none
Cruelty scale Merciful

How It Begins

You are smothered in darkness. Something is covering you and it's too dark to see.

When you escape the darkness, you discover yourself to be a baby, carrying nothing, in the middle of a living room. Pillows and other stuff are piled in a circular wall around you. The new mom is trying to get you to "pull up" by putting your favorite toy on top of a red footstool. You can also see a squishy ball and a book here. You want to get your favorite toy.

Notable Features

  • The PC is a baby who hasn't learned to walk yet.

Trivia and Comments


IntroComp release

Full version

  • Child's Play (Stephen Granade; 31-Dec-2007; Z-code).
    • Release 1 / Serial number 071231 / Inform 7 build 5J39 (I6/v6.31 lib 6/11N)
    • Release 2 / Serial number 080105 / Inform 7 build 5J39 (I6/v6.31 lib 6/11N)
    • Note: Release 3's release line wanted. Replace this line with that release's release line.
    • Release 4 / Serial number 080129 / Inform 7 build 5J39 (I6/v6.31 lib 6/11N)
    • IFID: 0EBBDFDA-B7FF-4325-8A6D-3A4E1071EB23
      IFID links: IFDB, IFDB cover
    • XYZZY Awards 2007: Winner of Best NPCs. Also, finalist in 5 categories: Best Game, Best Writing, Best Puzzles, Best Individual Puzzle (getting the toy from the cabinet), and Best Individual NPC (Zoe).
    • Room count: 13.
    • Download ChildsPlay.zblorb from the IF Archive
    • Or download ChildsPlay.zblorb from the author's site.