IntroComp 2005 digest

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Pre-Ceremony Chatter

Gunther says (to Jacqueline), "This better be good!!"
McMartin says, "When in doubt, follow other people, I suppose"
HairBot exclaims (at McMartin), "You are a Sheep!"
DavidW says, "David Whyld should show up. He was here this morning."
Rusalka says, "he's in the lounge"
Jacqueline says, "Woo. People actually attending the ceremony. Wonderful."
William yawns. This is not a Japan Standard Time friendly presentation.
Jacqueline says, "I am sorry, William. Honest."
Rob says (to William), "wow, you came anyway"
Rob says, "I didn't realize you were in Japan until you were comparing time zones yesterday"
DavidW asks (of William), "What o'clock is it for you?"
Jacqueline asks, "Hello, David and David and William and Michael and are there other contestants here?"
William says, "Heh. I really want to know how I did. And I think I can nap later. Preferably before I start driving."
William says, "It's just shy 5 am."
davidwhyld exclaims, "Howdy!"
Jacqueline says, "Wow. We're really glad you either woke up or stayed up, William."
William says, "No problem. *yawn*"
Jacqueline says, "Two minutes. Squee."
McMartin acquires tea, settles in
Jacqueline says, "One minute."
davidwhyld asks, "Anyone else kind of embarrassed they missed the voting deadline?"
William says, "Nope. Couldn't vote if you submitted, I thought."
McMartin says, "Not really, especially since I can't vote"
DavidW says, "Us authors weren't allowed to vote."
Jacqueline says, "Yeah, authors couldn't vote."
Grocible says, "hello everyone"
Jacqueline says, "Beta testers could, but only on games that they didn't test."
Grocible returns from nice picnic
DavidW asks, "But *somebody* voted, yes?"

Start of Ceremony

Jacqueline clears her throat and steps up on stage.
Jacqueline says, "Good afternoon, evening, morning, day, night, whatever it is where you are, and welcome to the 2005 IntroComp awards ceremony."

davidwhyld says, "Authors couldn't vote? Whew! That's a relief! I felt kind of bad for not weighing in with my vote."
Jacqueline says, "Thank you for attending this humble little gathering."
Jacqueline says, "I would like to begin by thanking our sponsor, XyzzyNews!"
Jacqueline says, " Eileen McMullin has endured yet another year of dealing with me, and is to be commended for such."

Jacqueline says, "Also, many thanks to Eileen for tabulating votes so quickly so that we could announce the winners post haste!"
davidwhyld exclaims, "Drum roll!"
McMartin cheers in a dignified manner
Grocible says, "Eileen Mullin is... the Tabulator"
Jacqueline says, "Well, after a bit of haste... 'cause I have more people to thank."
Jacqueline says, "Thank you to Neil deMause, the Father of IntroComp, without whom we would not be gathered here today."
Jacqueline says, "I would like to thank all of this year's contestants."
Jacqueline says, "So... thank you in alphabetical order by last name to Robert DeFord, Serhei Makarov, Michael C. Martin, William McDuff, Bryce J. Rhaiz, David Welbourn and David Whyld."

Jacqueline says, "There was another strong field of competitors this year, and that's what keeps IntroComp going."
Jacqueline says, "I very much enjoyed the introductions this year, and was sad to see that we could not, well, fit more people into the top three."
davidwhyld says, "I'm sure reverse alphabetical order would have been better..."
Jacqueline says, "I would encourage everyone to finish the introduction that they submitted, even if they didn't place."
DavidW says (to davidwhyld), "hehe"
davidwhyld says, "I'm happy to be 3.1 if no one objects"
Jacqueline says, "Finally, I would like to thank everyone who downloaded, unzipped, played, and voted."
Jacqueline says, "Even more thanks to those of you who e-mailed feedback to this year's authors, and to those of you who might post reviews of this year's introductions."
Jacqueline says, "Feedback is really the true prize in this comp, I've always thought."
Jacqueline says, "Though there will be money in the offering, should any of the top three entrants complete their game by July 23, 2006."
DavidW says, "hooray for feedback"
William claps. "Yay players! For having to deal with our buggy stuff. :)
Jacqueline says, "I am sort of dismayed that no winner has ever finished there game in this comp (and yes, I know that I bear a portion of the guilt), and so I am UPPING THE STAKES."

Jacqueline says, "(...I think... I'm not sure what I offered last year.)"
Jacqueline says, "Anyway, third place will receive $40 for finishing, second place will receive $60, and first will receive $100."
McMartin cues dramatic chord
davidwhyld exclaims, "Gosh!"
Jacqueline says, "(All values in US funds, minus any converstion fee that might be required.)"
Jacqueline says, "(Void where prohibited by law. No animals will be harmed. Your mileage may vary.)"
Morgana says, "wow"
DavidW says, "golly"
William claps for the cash. Cool!
inky says, "Adam Thornton cries!"
Rob says, "mm cash"
BrenBarn says, "by thunder"
Jacqueline says (to inky), "Note my careful wording!"
davidwhyld says, "Let's hope my plan to enter under 3 different names works out then..."
Rob chants fi-nish, fi-nish...!
DavidW says, "No animals harmed? oops."

Second Runner-Up

Jacqueline says, "Anyway, enough of my blathering on. Let's get down to the awards!"
Jacqueline says, "I am extremely pleased to announce this year's second runner up in IntroComp!"
inky says, "aha"
inky says, "tricky"
Jacqueline says (to inky), "Thassame."
Jacqueline says, "I repeat... I am extremely pleased to announce this year's second runner up in IntroComp!"
(From William) *No animals harmed...except a fish if you try the 'And they all died' ending.*
Jacqueline says, "An introduction filled with critters, gustatory delights, and objects that talk when they normally shouldn't..."
Jacqueline says, "Please give a cheer and a shout for Mr. David Welbourn and his introduction The Fox, The Dragon, and The Stale Loaf of Bread!"

davidwhyld says, "At least there's one David in the top three..."
DavidW says, "thank you. thank you."
Jacqueline magically inscribes the plaque on the third place trophy, using only the power of her mind. This is just a little freaky, and rather unsettling. Anyway, it suddenly occurs to you that if you type 'x Jacqueline's ohoatpia' you will be able to examine the plaque and see what it says.
BrenBarn says, "hooray for gustatority"
Jacqueline says, "Okay, now you'll have to type >x DavidW's ohoatpia"
DavidW says, "I hope to complete my game so you'll see more of the fox, dragon, and stale loaf of bread... as PCs."
Jacqueline gives one half of a third place IntroComp award to DavidW.
inky says (to DW), "wow, crazy"
DavidW says, "Thank you, Jacqueline."
William looks forward to playing as a stale loaf of bread.
Jacqueline asks, "Any more words for your fans, David?"
inky says, ">GO STALE"
DavidW says, "Yes. "You Will Believe a Stale Loaf of Bread Can Fly"."
HairBot exclaims, "Spoilers!"
BrenBarn says, "I be done seen about everything when I see a loaf of bread fly"
William exclaims, "Speech! Speech! Specch! Speech!"
inky says, "he just has to give the intro to a speech"
Rob says, "he only has to give half of a speech"
BrenBarn says, "Friends, romans, countrymen, lend me one ear each, then the other one after I finish my game"
DavidW says, "heh"
DavidW says, "I'm really glad you all liked my game. Thank you, everyone. I'll try to complete it."

First Runner-Up

Jacqueline says, "It is now my pleasure to announce this year's first runner up in IntroComp!"
davidwhyld exclaims, "Drum roll!"
Jacqueline says, "The second runner up's introduction is full of intrigue, secrecy, and moments that induce horrible flashbacks to when I was in grad school..."
Jacqueline says, "Put your virtual hands together for Mr. Michael C. Martin and his introduction, Weishaupt Scholars: Prologue!"

McMartin says, "Wow"
Jacqueline gives one half of a second place IntroComp award to McMartin.
Jacqueline magically inscribes the plaque on the second place trophy (well, One Half Of A Second Place IntroComp Award, or OHOASPIA), using only the power of her mind and gives it to Michael. You're still getting used to the idea that she can do this. It again occurs to you that if you type 'x McMartin's ohoaspia' you will be able to examine the plaque and see what it says.
Jacqueline asks, "Aside from 'Wow,' have you a speech, Michael?"
William awards a gentlemen and a scholar an A- for a fine intro, but is looking forward to a final grade.
McMartin also quietly denies that the WS were crafted shortly after he entered grad school, first
Jacqueline says, "I mean, 'Wow' is a good speech, don't get me wrong."
McMartin says, "Well, there's also the traditional 'thanks' and such."
McMartin says, "And the mighty vow to actually get the thing done. The remainder of the speech is currently a bunch of notes on a notepad and should show up by next year"
DavidW says, "yay notes"
inky says, "excellent"
Jacqueline says, "Yay indeed. Well done, Michael."
Rob says, "good, good"
McMartin says, "It includes bullet points such as 'greatly enjoyed all other entries this year' and 'wonder if I need to keep ducking last names'""


Jacqueline says, "And so then, I am extremely pleased to announce this year's WINNER of IntroComp!"
maga gasps in anticipation
McMartin hastens back to seat
Jacqueline says, "Please give a round of applause..."
William cheers and crosses fingers, picking them from the ground to do so.
Jacqueline says, "...and stand if the mood strikes you to do so..."
Jacqueline says, "...for..."
Jacqueline says, "...Mr. William McDuff and his wonderfully wacky introduction, Deadsville!"

Rob says, "good thing he cranked himself out of bed"
William jaw drops in mild surprise. He retrieves it before it rots.
Jacqueline says, "I am so glad you're awake for this, William. Well done!"
Jacqueline gives one half of a first place IntroComp award to William.
Jacqueline magically inscribes the plaque on the first place trophy, using only the power of her mind. Youre starting to become accustomed to her awesome powers. If you that if you type 'x William's ohoafpia' you will be able to examine the plaque and see what it says.
Rob says, "Finish the game! Finish the game!"
William shambles up to the stage, and accepts the half-a-trophy.
William says, "Rrragh, groan, moan, rrraghhhh."
(laughter, cheering, calls for brains)

William pauses, and has some hot chocolate.
McMartin says, "Maybe the ceremony was timed so William would be in character"
William says, "Er, thank you everybody, and nods at McMartin. "I feel wholly zombish at the moment. I promise brains for everyone, once I find mine. I'd like to thank playtesters, players, Eileen, and of course Jacqueline, for without who's hard work, we wouldn't be here."

davidwhyld says, "Well deserved win"
William says, "Please send any bugs to me, as I'd like to release a post-comp Intro version before working on the big thing. Thanks everyone."

Jacqueline says, "There's $100 for a finished game by next July, William."
William exclaims, "See you with a completed game next year!"
Jacqueline says, "Please, make me $100 poor."
William descends from the platform.
inky says, "$100 or a bearskin rug"
Jacqueline says, "All three of you... that's $200 I'm doling out, so make me poor, please."
Jacqueline says (to inky), "Heh"
William will attempt to. He has a yen for yen. :)
Jacqueline says, "And I'm afraid that's all the pomp and circumstance I can muster for today. Congratulations to David, Michael, and William!"

Post-Ceremony Chatter

davidwhyld asks, "What about the games at 4 to 7?"
Jacqueline says, "We only announce the top three, David. That's sort of always been the way."
Rob asks, "what if one of the 4 to 7 people finished by next year?"
inky says, "we applaud their efforts"
Jacqueline says, "More if there are a ton of entrants, but with seven we only announce top three."
DavidW says, "We get to play it!"
maga says (to Rob), "a warm handshake (postage not included)"
Rob says, "ew, a warm hand in a box"
Jacqueline says, "Indeed. What DavidW said."
inky says, "if they can kill one of the top three finishers, then they have a chance to step into a prize"
Jacqueline says, "And I hope people do, because there were some that didn't place that I'd really like to see get finished."
Jacqueline says, "Um, I hope they finish, not kill other contestants."
William hahs. He's safe. No-one knows where Karakuwa _is_.
inky says, "hee hee"
davidwhyld says, "I'm going to finish mine... but I don't know when."
DavidW says, "I wanna finished Harrington House, darnit."
William hopes to finish by next year. ^_^
McMartin says, "It was a very strong year"
Jacqueline says (to McMartin), "It really was."
William grins, and wonders when you'll finish the Waterhouse Women, Jacqueline?
Jacqueline says, "I am working on it."
Jacqueline says, "Honest."
Jacqueline says, "G'day, everyone. Thanks for coming!"
William looks forward to it. And to hopefully managing to get his game done. Thanks for running this, Jacqueline.