IntroComp 2006 digest

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Pre-Ceremony Chatter

Massive Auditorium

The auditorium has been nattily fixed up and the seats rearranged to form a semicircle around the stage at the front of the room. Over the stage hangs a freshly-painted banner reading "INTROCOMP 2006", while a podium and microphone stand in the spotlight at center stage.

You can see: READ THIS PLEASE, xyzzy drinking game, Note for the Xyzzy awards, a chalkboard listing the XYZZY Award winners
Players: maga, Mordy, GregB, cendare, Josef, Jacqueline, Sargent, inky, Gunther, DavidW

Visible Exits: west

Adam is pure. He is gentle. He is pleasant. He is efficacious. He is not expensive. He is good for children. And he is from California.
Adam says, "Hello"
Jacqueline says, "Hello, everyone - let's give it a few minutes just to make sure everyone who wants to be here on time is here."
inky asks (of Adam), "wait, did you play these?"
Adam says, "I am just here to say that an Italian soda with milk or cream in it is called a French soda"
inky says, "ha ha"
inky says, "awright"
Adam says, "Bye bye!"
Adam gets a pretty good death. First he gets axed, then his head is rammed through a boat and his head catches on fire. Pretty decent way to go out.
Jacqueline says, "Heehee"
Jacqueline says, "I didn't know that, but I'm glad to know that so many coffee shops are wrong!"

ctate, Storme, McMartin, DrewMochak, and NeoWolf arrive from the west.
Jacqueline says, "Well, by the mud clock, it's time! So..."

Start of Ceremony

Jacqueline says, "Good morning/afternoon/evening, and thank you for dropping in for our humble little awards ceremony."
Jacqueline says, "For those of you who are just here because other people started wandering toward the lounge, IntroComp is an annual competition in which authors submit the *beginning* of a new, never before seen work of IF, as short or as long as the author likes, so long as it is a working, playable game and interactive fiction."
Jacqueline says, "Then the community plays these introductions and votes on how much they would want to see the game completed. Authors have one year in which to complete their games in order to claim prizes - which this year means cold, hard, cash."
Jacqueline says, "(Also, toward/away, lounge/auditorium, whatever...)"
Jacqueline says, "So this year's authors will have until July 16, 2007 to complete their games and collect their money."
Jacqueline says, "Before I announce the results, I'd like to thank just a few people..."
Jacqueline says, "Thanks to Neil deMause, who came up with the idea for IntroComp so many moons ago."

(cheers to Neil)

Jacqueline says, "And thanks to Eileen Mullin and XyzzyNews - as ever, Eileen makes coordinating IntroComp so much easier for me, and I really, really appreciate that. Eileen is teh awesome."

(cheers for Eileen)

Fang arrives from the west.

Jacqueline says, "Thanks to Dan Shiovitz for this years spiffy last-minute banner in the auditorium."
Jacqueline smiles at inky.
maga says, "yay everyone"
inky tucks paint can behind his chair.

Jacqueline says, "Thanks to everyone who voted and, in particular, to those who have or who are about to post reviews or in some way provide feedback to the authors - I stand by my eternal belief that *feedback* is the real prize in this competition."
ctate looks nervously at the sound system.
DavidW says, "yay feedback"
Jacqueline says, "So post those reviews and/or e-mail the authors!"
Gunther says, "explode the PA"

Jacqueline says, "Finally, thanks to all the participants! We had seven entries in this year's IntroComp."
Jacqueline says, "Nobody gets a trophy this year, because instead I've put cash on the line."
Jacqueline says, "Instead of trophies, everyone will receive a UOMe/IOU, which basically means "U O Me a game, I O U cash.""

The Four Honorable Entries

Jacqueline says, "And on that note, I shall begin by announcing the four honorable awards."
DavidW says, "ooh aah"
Jacqueline says, "These folks, should they finish their games by July of next year, will be the recipients of $20 (US). Everyone gets feedback, and, potentially, everyone can get cash."
Jacqueline says, "The honorable awards, in no particular order (except, um, alphabetical, by title), go to:"

The Art of Deception

Jacqueline says, "The Art of Deception, by she's long gone."


Jacqueline says, "Is she's long gone here? I don't know your handle, so if you're here, please speak up!"
GregB says, "yay for art of deception, my second favorite"
McMartin says, "Yay toys"
Jacqueline says, "Well, if you're here, she's long gone, and you want it, please see me later for your UOMe/IOU, and congratulations! I look forward to seeing what dangers await our spy protagonist!"
Sargent says, "Dangerous cellphones! Deadly pagers!"
inky says, "fearsome fax machines"
Gunther says, "belligerent blackberries"
inky says, "ha ha ha"
DavidW says, "ha ha ha"
Jacqueline giggles.
Gunther says, "PS BOOM _END_"
DavidW says, "ha ha more"
Josef exclaims, "Hilarious!"
DrewMochak should change his name to exploding telephone.


Jacqueline says, "The next honorable award... if the comedians are done..."
Jacqueline says, "...goes to Mechs, by Allan Crain."


Mordy exclaims, "Yay for Jerry Garcia's!!"
GregB exclaims, "Yay for games where you enter into VR!"

Jacqueline asks, "Is Allan here?"
Mordy says, "Yay for games that use Xyzzy as a plot device."
Josef thinks that it deserved a higher ranking

Jacqueline asks, "No Allan, eh?"
DrewMochak says, "...He was here."
Jacqueline asks, "Was he?"
DrewMochak says, "On the MUD, I mean. Er, I think."
Jacqueline says, "Hm. Well, in any case, congratulations to Allan - your game sort of gave me some flashbacks to Infocom's Suspended - looking forward to more!"
Gunther says, ">OPEN TANK"


Jacqueline says, "Another honorable award goes to Sabotage!, by Felix Plesoianu."


McMartin says, "yay sizable maps in intros"
DavidW says, "I rather liked that one."
GregB says, "Yay Felix and his gadget-ful game"

Jacqueline says, "No Felix, either? Aw."
inky says, "props for anti-gravity"
Jacqueline says, "Well, congratulations to Felix - interstellar war is never a good thing, so I hope you finish your game so that we can prevent it from happening!"
inky says, "ha ha"

Unyielding Fury

Jacqueline says, "And the last honorable award goes to Unyielding Fury, by Michael Pruitt (who, I'm happy to see, is actually here)!"

(applause; wolf howls)

NeoWolf stands up and timidly waves.
Jacqueline says, "Congratulations, NeoWolf - you wrote a game that goes from serene to horrific before you can say 'Plot twist!' and I hope to play more of this within the year."
inky says, "yay present authors"
Jacqueline gives IntroComp06 UOMe/IOU for the introduction to Unyielding Fury to NeoWolf.
Jacqueline asks, "Want to say a few words?"
Josef notices with fear that the moon will soon be full
inky says, "start of a speech!"
Jacqueline says, "heh"
Gunther says, "Romans, Countrymen, Fr"
NeoWolf says, "Not sure what really to say other than I definitely plan to finish and keep the feedback I've gotten so far in mind."
Jacqueline applauds for finishing and feedback.
inky says, "awright"
NeoWolf sits back down.

Dramatic Tension

Jacqueline says, "And now... the top three!"
Jacqueline pauses to build the dramatic tension.
GregB gets nervous.
Sargent says, "BRRrrrRRrrrRRRrrrm."
DavidW says, "[insert musical interlude]"
DrewMochak goes out to the lobby to get himself some snacks.
Jacqueline looks around the room, enjoying the moment in which only she knows what's about to happen next.
McMartin suddenly checks for sudden mutant gerbil attack
Fang ducks.
Jacqueline says, "Okay, okay, I'll tell you the top three."

Second Runner-Up: Nothing But Mazes

Jacqueline says, "Second runner up..."
Jacqueline says, "...a hilarious (not so little) introduction on the potential future of Earth, interactive fiction, and similarly important things..."
Jacqueline says, "...Nothing But Mazes, by Greg Boettcher!"


inky says, "(I never thought I'd say this, but) hooray for mazes!"
Mordy exclaims, "Yay for neverending mazes!"
GregB stands up
Jacqueline says, "Congratulations, GregB. You've got just under a year left to complete Nothing But Mazes and collect your $40. Best of luck to you!"
GregB asks, "Is is where I get to make a speech?"
Jacqueline gives IntroComp06 UOMe/IOU for the introduction to Nothing But Mazes to GregB.
inky says, "please do"
Jacqueline says (to Greb), "It is!"
Mordy exclaims, "Yay for pretty graphics and scary music!"
Jacqueline says (to Modry), "Indeed."

GregB says, "I have two things to say. First, if Ovan were here, he would express hope that this means the people of Earth are starting to appreciate mazes as they should"
Jacqueline says, "Um."
Jacqueline claps politely.
Sargent says, "hee hee"
Mordy exclaims, "Yay for puzzles that circumvent mazes!"
GregB says, "eh... bad joke"
GregB says, "Second, the full-length game will be playable on HyperTads. yay."
inky says, "yay"
Jacqueline says, "Woo"
GregB sits down
Sargent says, "good news"
DavidW says, "yay the game that forces terps to upgrade!"
Josef claps
Jacqueline says, "Thank you, Greg - really, really looking forward to more on that."

First Runner-Up: Child's Play

Jacqueline says, "First runner up, a great little twist on the slice-of-life game genre..."
Jacqueline listens to the drumroll.
Jacqueline says, "...Child's Play, by Stephen Granade!"


inky says, "chew it to the man!"
Josef exclaims, "Yay, my favourite!"
GregB exclaims, "yay for baby protagonists!"
Sargent beams.
Mordy exclaims, "Yay for recalled Robodog toy!"
McMartin says, "it (slightlly chewed)"

Jacqueline says, "Congratulations, Sargent. Should you complete Child's Play in time, you'll be able to collect $60. Good luck!"
Jacqueline gives IntroComp06 UOMe/IOU for the introduction to Child's Play to Sargent.
Jacqueline asks, "Speech, Sargent?"
Sargent says, "Well."
Sargent says, "I was going to tell everyone to look for Child's Play to come out in a year or so, but then I remembered that announcing a game ahead of time guarantees that you'll never finish it."
Sargent says, "So I'll just say thanks!"
inky says, "ha ha"
DrewMochak starts to laugh, then remembers he's lost his coder and smacks his forehead.
Jacqueline laughs.
Gunther says, "TOO LATE"
Jacqueline says, "Looking forward to seeing where that one goes, Sargent. Good luck."

First Place: Southern Gothic

Jacqueline says, "And that means that this year's first place entry, a drama on many different levels, is..."
Jacqueline says, "...Southern Gothic, by Mordechai Shinefield!"


Mordy excitedly jumps up on his chair, but ends up toppling over to the floor.

(more applause)

Jacqueline says, "Congratulations to you, Mordy! Just under a year left to finish Southern Gothic and collect a cool $100... can't wait to play the full version (hopefully by then I'll figure out the damn cannon)!"
Jacqueline asks, "Care to address your adoring fans, Mordy?"
Mordy says, "Thank you to everyone who voted for me, and for everyone who gave me tons of help on the i7 channel in writing the game."
Mordy exclaims, "And despite Stephen's warning, you can all expect the full game. It's already been written (just not coded)!"
Jacqueline says, "HOORAY!"
cendare exclaims, "Yay for full games!"
DavidW says, "my goodness."
Jacqueline says, "I seriously want you all to finish and take the money from my wallet. Seriously."
Jacqueline says, "Though I am sort of glad that not all of the 17 intents ended up entering. That would have potentially made me very, very poor."
Jacqueline says, "And that, my friends, concludes this year's IntroComp awards ceremony - thank you for coming! Alex will be serving brie in the lounge later, do drop in and chat with us."

Post-Ceremony Chatter

inky asks, "how many intents did you have?"
Mordy exclaims, "Yay for tardiness!"
GregB exclaims, "Let's hear it for the comp organizer. Thanks, jacq!"
Jacqueline says (to inky), "17!"

(cheers for Jacqueline)

inky says, "good golly"
Jacqueline says (to inky), "I *know*."

(more cheers)

Jacqueline says, "Aw, shucks. You're welcome, people."
DavidW asks, "thanks Jacqueline? Doing this next year?"
Jacqueline says (to DavidW), "I suppose so - I really like what this comp does for people, even if they never finish, not that I'm mentioning any names (such as mine or yours)."
Jacqueline coughs.
McMartin whistles innocently, sidles away
inky says, "hee hee"
DavidW says, "I'll finish mine. E-ven-tu-al-ly."
GregB says, "I can surely say that I wouldn't have finished that part of my game as quickly without the July deadline."
inky says, "that's the spirit"
Mordy says, "David promised me he'd finish. :)"
Jacqueline says, "I am, believe it or not, porting Waterhouse to I7 as we speak."
Jacqueline says, "Hm... thought I gave it to you."
Jacqueline says, "ILAW"
Jacqueline says, "oop!"
McMartin says, "I can pretty easily believe that"
Jacqueline gives IntroComp06 UOMe/IOU for the introduction to Southern Gothic to Mordy.
Jacqueline says, "Oops, even. There's your IOU, Mordy!"
Jacqueline says (to McMartin), "Aw, thank you for your faith. If it weren't me doing the work, I wouldn't believe it myself. heh"
Jacqueline says, "Anyway, see you folks in the lounge"
Mordy exclaims, "Whee! Quantites of Fortune!"
DavidW claps again.