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This article is about the yearly IntroComp that is open to games written in any authoring system.
For the ADRIFT-only versions, see ADRIFT Intro Comp 2005 and ADRIFT IntroComp 2009.
There was also a Speed-IF Introcomp in 2007.

IntroComp is an interactive fiction competition that was conceived by Neil deMause. Entrants submit excerpts of unfinished games, which the public votes on. Currently, only the top three games in the voting receive placements and are called the 'winners'. Winners have a year to complete their games before they can claim their prizes.

Until 2017, only beginnings of works could be entered. A rule change in 2017 allowed excerpts to be taken from the beginning, middle, or end of a work.

For its first seven years, IntroComp was sponsored by Eileen Mullin and XYZZYnews. Beginning with IntroComp 2009, IntroComp will now run as an independent competition.

Note that IntroComp entries are not eligible for XYZZY Awards until they are completed. The year that an IntroComp game is completed is the year when that game becomes eligible for the XYZZY Awards.

IntroComps to date

Organized by Neil deMause:

Organized by Jacqueline A. Lott:

Organized by Xalavier Nelson Jr.:

Completed IntroComp games to date